Welcome to sgthinker

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This is my first blog, and it will be dedicated to my thoughts about Singapore’s political, government policy and societal happenings.

Singapore’s online community of writers is growing, and there are many sites that discuss the things happening in Singapore’s society. Through this blog, I hope to be a moderate voice that contributes towards the criticism of Singapore’s political parties, government and citizens.


About sgthinker

I'm a 40-year old Singaporean male, and this blog pens down my thoughts and feelings about Singapore's political happenings, government policies and society trends. I hope this blog will provide a moderate voice in the growing online debate about the state of Singapore's society. Some of the posts here won't be solely written by me, since there will be times when other writers are more eloquent at expressing their views, in which case I'll share their insights (along with my comments). The content on this blog is owned by me.If you wish to share or reproduce the content, please attribute it to this blog.
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5 Responses to Welcome to sgthinker

  1. moonkate says:

    Agreed. And before i try to speak up, i’ll need more reflection and research. My “enemy” need not be an enemy. And: The enemy of my enemy is not necessary my friend. Keep it up sgthinker! 🙂

  2. moonkate says:

    Hi sgthinker, i chanced upon your blog and i must say: im glad i did! I went to TR Emeritus just 2 days ago and my first impression of it (neutral) went to downright disappointment as of now. And im now wondering: how seriously can we treat those “raging” commentators and how much do they represent singaporeans in having such “extreme” political position?

    • sgthinker says:

      I have a poor opinion of TRE articles and many of their commentators. If you (like me) feel that what TRE says does not represent your own view, then it is our responsibility to speak up and let our own voices be heard.

  3. allthatjazz says:

    hi, i started reading your stuff from the top.
    ie your most recent piece. keep it up! i hope
    the WP take up some of your suggs. they’r
    doing as lousy a job at the mo as the PAP.
    this is the result of killing interest in politics
    all these years. Everyone’s so junky at it.

    • sgthinker says:

      Thanks. I don’t pretend to be a policy/politics expert. Just trying to interpret these issues from my own lens. My ability to write is affected by real life commitments, so it’s going to be somewhat spotty.

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