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NParks, expensive bikes and selective memory

There have been many online suspicions that NParks’ purchase of the $2,200 foldable bikes have not been “kosher”. True enough, those suspicions were founded when NParks  suspended the NParks officer in charge of buying foldable bikes: This doesn’t bode well … Continue reading

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Can Singaporeans help reduce foreign worker populations?

Andrew Loh said that it is “unacceptable nearly 40% of population is made up of foreigners“. You can verify this from SingStat. In 2011, Singapore’s population was 5.2 million. 3.3 million were citizens, or about 63%. Foreigners made up 1.4m and … Continue reading

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Rising costs = less kids, but some costs are self-inflicted by Singaporeans

Every time the government talks about having more kids, it is guaranteed that there will be a multitude of voices blaming high costs as the reason for our low birth rate.  This will then be followed by calls for more … Continue reading

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CHC’s Kong Hee: A lesson for political party leadership

There are already many blogs discussing the purported guilt or innocence of City Harvest’s Kong Hee. But if we take a step back, there is something important that we can learn from this episode. This is an especially important lesson … Continue reading

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