NParks, expensive bikes and selective memory

There have been many online suspicions that NParks’ purchase of the $2,200 foldable bikes have not been “kosher”. True enough, those suspicions were founded when NParks  suspended the NParks officer in charge of buying foldable bikes:

This doesn’t bode well for Khaw Boon Wan, who personally defended NPark’s decision in his blog:

As usual, we can expect the online bloodletting to begin. People will be screaming for KBW to resign, or that high civil servant pay does not effectively prevent corruption, that the PAP is the root of all evil etc.

But perhaps, it is this blogger, Bryan Ti, who has one of the most interesting insights. What goes around, comes around. This is simple proof that no one political party can ever be whiter than white. Everyone will make mistakes, but the audience will always exercise the right to selective memory.


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4 Responses to NParks, expensive bikes and selective memory

  1. Bainchi says:

    Bryan Ti your comparison of this KBW epsiode with WP’s YSL is unfair and out of line. When WP at that time was asked about YSL’s case indeed it should be treated as a rumour because WP could not have any evidence or proofs about what’s been circulated about YSL. Moreover the rumours were of a personal nature. YSL was dismissed not so much about the rumours of his personal indiscretion, which till this day no evidence were presented, but for his defiance in not attending nor answering to the WP council meeting.

  2. PAP with all its power,should pay LTK/WP the full benefit as leader of opposition,then LTK/WP would be a big laughing stock,same as KBW/PAP.

  3. Cheng says:

    The saga goes to prove that only an active citizenry can prevent governance corrosion, and hold politicians accountable. The one big difference between WP & PAP in the handling is this — PAP is the one major party running the government, its apparatus and thus, country now. So the people has every right to demand them to the highest standards that their highest salaries command, per the private sectors. You want the job as per your own description, we hold the prescription on you, simple as that!

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