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Fairly comparing PAP’s & SDP’s healthcare policies

Back in March 2012, the SDP released The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring for all Singaporeans. The 87 page report proposed a philosophical shift compared to PAP’s existing healthcare policies. Among other things, the SDP suggests that the 3M policy … Continue reading

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Pandas in SG: Get ready for the backlash

Pandas are cute. But when the two giant pandas from China land in Singapore, I predict that there will be an online backlash against their arrival. Their arrival timing couldn’t be worse, given the general online sentiment against foreigners (especially PRCs). Pandas … Continue reading

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National Conversation: No satisfying detractors who won’t try to listen

The PAP has asked for a National Conversation. About a week later, the social media responses make me wonder whether we will ever have one. To explain what I mean, I need to digress a little to my personal life. … Continue reading

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