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Why nationalising SBS & SMRT would not have avoided the $1b bus subsidy

The government’s $1.1b bus subsidy to our public transport operators has been criticised as a sign that our public transport privatisation policy has failed. This post will explain why the subsidy is not a sign that privatisation has failed, as … Continue reading

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Consider a (mostly) fixed dividend policy for Public Transport Operators

One of the biggest complaints about the privatisation of our public transport system  is that our public tranport operators (PTOs) like SMRT are pursuing generous returns for shareholders as the expense of its consumers. Perhaps one simple way out is for … Continue reading

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Differences between PAP’s and WP’s handling of MP’s extramarital affairs speaks volumes

I am of the personal view that there is no need for a MP to resign because of extramarital affairs, as long as the affair did not unduly enrich either party in the relationship, or adversely affected the MP’s ability … Continue reading

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“Singaporean First” and “Equal pay for equal work” cannot co-exist.

I have no sympathy for the way SMRT’s management has handled its foreign workers and the strike. But the debate over equal pay for Chinese bus drivers strikes me as an oddity, especially when the people lobbying for “Equal pay … Continue reading

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