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Politically Tone-deaf Population White Paper (and how to fix it)

Sometimes the PAP does things that demonstrate how politically tone-deaf it is. It’s population white paper is one such example. But first things first. If all you know about the latest population white paper came solely from what you’ve read … Continue reading

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Punggol BE: Has WP done better? Or have they merely taken the easy way out?

The WP has taken the outright majority with more votes than PAP, RP and SDA combined. The PAP has suffered a crushing defeat in the polls even though it was a multi-corner fight. But does this mean that the WP is truly … Continue reading

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WP shrewdly focuses on the middle ground

WP has once again proven to be a shrewd political party. Firstly, Lee Li Lian is a safe candidate that stands a reasonable chance to win, but will not cost WP anything if she loses. And at its most recent … Continue reading

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WP makes wise choice in choosing Lee Li Lian (Sorry, Li Lian)

The WP has finally announced Lee Li Lian as its candidate for the Punggol East BE. I believe that the selection of Li Lian, who had earlier contested Punggol East SMC in GE 2011, is one of WP’s wisest political … Continue reading

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