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PAP showing a lack of faith in the Singaporean consumer to spend prudently

One of the most interesting themes in the recent budget was how the PAP Government has been creating new rules to limit consumer spending on big ticket items. Budget 2013 saw 2 new measures to limit spending. Firstly for cars, … Continue reading

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Leong Sze Hian: Talking cock or intellectually dishonest?

TOC recently shared that Leong Sze Hian said the following at the Hong Lim White Paper protest on 16 Jan. ——————– “I tell you that the very basis of the white paper is wrong. Because it says the population is … Continue reading

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The population must continue to grow…for now

In my earlier post, I stated why Singapore won’t be overcrowded even with a 6.9m population. But assuming we can stave off over-crowding, we should still ask why Singapore’s population has to grow in the first place. The short answers are: … Continue reading

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There won’t be overcrowding in 2030

I have my misgivings for the way the population white paper has been presented. Real information is scattered all over the place, the headline numbers are scary, and the entire affair has been picketed by alarmist soundbites. The PAP needs to … Continue reading

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“Planning for worst-case scenario”: Another damaging soundbite

Things are getting from bad to worse for the PAP’s public comms war. After releasing a population white paper that has failed to reassure its voters, the PAP is now forced to the defensive as opposition parties and the citizenry … Continue reading

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