Beware those who deny change to themselves

There’s a sobering article titled “Do S’porean workers deserve their wages?” making its rounds on the internet, asking whether Singaporean workers deserved their wages. 

I have also had my fair share of interviewing (and in one case, hiring) questionable local talent. After hiring my first “poor” staff, I learnt the importance of conducting proper interviews and requiring an on-the-spots skills test, so as to ensure that the same mistake does not happen again. Thankfully my team today has a good number of dedicated and hardworking Singaporeans that are always willing to learn.

The contentious article by ST Managing Editor Han Fook Kwang is probably on the receiving end of some scathing online criticism, especially from the cynics. But whether you agree with the article or not, I think most people do believe that something about Singapore needs to change if we want to improve Singapore (be it in the form of better wages and buying power, or a more sociable and responsible society).

If change is necessary, then we must be wary of those who deny that change also applies to themselves. You will know these people when you see them. They will blame their failures on anyone else but themselves. They will claim that they are faultless and entitled to better things. They will demand that the world changes to suit their own needs. They see themselves not as a contributing member to society, but as a customer whose needs must be served. They listen only to those who think like them, and refuse to contemplate the views of others. These people are the parasites of our society.  


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I'm a 40-year old Singaporean male, and this blog pens down my thoughts and feelings about Singapore's political happenings, government policies and society trends. I hope this blog will provide a moderate voice in the growing online debate about the state of Singapore's society. Some of the posts here won't be solely written by me, since there will be times when other writers are more eloquent at expressing their views, in which case I'll share their insights (along with my comments). The content on this blog is owned by me.If you wish to share or reproduce the content, please attribute it to this blog.
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9 Responses to Beware those who deny change to themselves

  1. Jace says:

    Hey, I quite like this blog. Seems quite objective(so far). I do agree with you current points. Hear me out though.

    A few years ago, I got my A-level results, I did badly. Like really badly. I got DDD/C GP:B PW:B. Worse thing was, right after getting the depressing results, I was shipped off to Tekong the very next day. The whole time, I was cursing and swearing, fuck PAP, fuck the government. Not only do they force me to do NS, the crazy influx of foreign students led me to being rejected left-right-centre from all the universities!! I blamed them, blamed the system and everyone. The last person I blamed? Myself.

    It took me two years to have this epiphany. That it was my fault for not studying hard. I even had the balls to play Dota the night before some of the A-level papers. How could I blame the government for my laziness?

    Fast-forward to today. I retook my A-levels last year after ORD and managed to squeeze out an ABB/B. Waiting for university replies now!

    All of a sudden, I don’t blame the PAP anymore. Is it because of we vent our own personal failures on someone else?
    I realised one thing about the opposition, they aren’t satisfied with life. But should the government be blamed? If you did not study hard or work hard, how could that be the government’s fault?

    Then came a second epiphany.

    I have an interest in philosophy so I was just reading up on philosophical ideas. And I realised something. Both sides were wrong. On one side, PAP wants to make more and more money. On the other side, the opposition wants more money to be spread out, i.e. more money for them as well.

    What is it about materialism that divides us and puts us into conflict? If I told an opposition member that tomorrow we will be giving 10 billion to the lower-income people here, they will approve! But if I told them that the 10 billion is going to Somalia to feed starving kids they will say ‘NO!! Singaporeans first!!”.

    I used to agree with this Singaporean first mentality. After all, it is our money mah. But that begs the question, do the starving kids in Africa don’t deserve to live? Because they were born unlucky. Because they have corrupt governments. It is their fault. They deserve to die.

    Then how different are we oppositions different from the PAP? The PAP mentality is the same. You don’t study, you don’t work, you deserve to suffer and if you continue not doing working, you will die.

    The opposition’s view is the same no? You are unlucky, you are not a Singaporean. You don’t deserve a chance to earn money here to survive, you deserve to die.

    What’s the difference? Honestly? Aren’t they all the same materialistic zombies? PAP wants to see GDP go up. But oppositions want to abolish COE so that they can buy a car. Same materialism, but just in a different form. They want free university education and university placings for all Singaporeans! In the name of education? No, in the name of JOBS and MONEY when they graduate.

    Materialism. Same shit, different day.

  2. HowTrueIsThat says:

    Hard Truths! Keep on blogging to counter the voices of hatred online.

  3. Tan.CMM says:

    I did my undergraduate studies in Singapore, while I am currently pursuing a Masters in the UK, and I can see for myself how much hungrier students from other countries are in terms of self-learning, searching for internships to boost experience and skills etc. I think graduates from local universities generally have it good, since many are able to secure a decent paying job in Singapore upon (or even prior) graduation without having to really try very hard. Conversely, I’ve seen and spoken to students in the UK (even in top schools) who are struggling to find jobs despite their impressive credentials. I think this makes Singaporeans take things for granted to some extent, and we need to recognise that the world is a large place there are so many other equally (if not more) skilled individuals out there who can easily replace us. Only with this self-awareness will we strive to keep ourselves relevant. Just my two cents’ worth 🙂

  4. theonion says:


    The echo chamber gets louder the emptier it is as can be seen by the depths of the comments.

  5. Dumb Investor says:

    The first step to answering the question is the replace “Do Singapore politicians deserve their wages”. Compared to the $3,000 earning manager at a SME, out politicians are grossly overpaid for the responsibility they have.

    • Sandra Ong says:

      This is true. I fully agree with your statement.
      Lee Hsien Loong does not deserve his pay.
      Vivian Balakrishnan does not deserve his pay.
      Lim Swee Say does not deserve his pay.
      Grace Foo does not deserve her pay.
      Liu Tuck Yew does not deserve his pay.
      Yaacob Ibrahim does not deserve his pay.
      These greedy politicians should step down.
      Stop giving us bullshit.
      I rather pay a monkey than pay them.

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  7. Discuss SG says:

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