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WP shrewdly focuses on the middle ground

WP has once again proven to be a shrewd political party. Firstly, Lee Li Lian is a safe candidate that stands a reasonable chance to win, but will not cost WP anything if she loses. And at its most recent … Continue reading

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Pandas in SG: Get ready for the backlash

Pandas are cute. But when the two giant pandas from China land in Singapore, I predict that there will be an online backlash against their arrival. Their arrival timing couldn’t be worse, given the general online sentiment against foreigners (especially PRCs). Pandas … Continue reading

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CHC’s Kong Hee: A lesson for political party leadership

There are already many blogs discussing the purported guilt or innocence of City Harvest’s Kong Hee. But if we take a step back, there is something important that we can learn from this episode. This is an especially important lesson … Continue reading

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Sorry KJ, but Singaporeans don’t care about our IMF loan

Kenneth Jeyaratnam, leader of the Reform Party, has written a number of articles on Singapore’s loan to the IMF. In his latest post, he writes that the proper parliamentary and presidential approvals have not been sought before the $4b loan … Continue reading

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I doubt the Opposition will get rid of the ISA

The passing of Dr Lim Hock Siew has refreshed the debate about whether the Internal Security Act should be abolished. The majority of online articles and opposition parties strongly protest against the ISA. But as Singaporeans, have we ever asked … Continue reading

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Why PAP and WP disappointed at the Hougang By-Election

It’s probably a little late to write about the Hougang By-Election that happened over a week ago, especially since no one is really writing and talking about it anymore. It’s old news. But I decided to write about it anyway, … Continue reading

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